The events sector urgently needs more support to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Live events around the world have been devastated, from major festivals and landmark theatres to grassroots venues and business events. Without major immediate support, the entire supply chain is at risk of collapse. In support of the wider global campaign, we bring you the New Zealand #WeMakeEventsNZ campaign organised by ETNZ: Entertainment Technology New Zealand, by industry for industry.

New Zealand #WeMakeEventsNZ is now at #RedAlert to raise awareness of Aotearoa’s thousands of highly skilled industry professionals, all of whom have had little or no work since March with little likelihood of restarting soon.

Our industry includes a huge supply chain ranging from production, audio, lighting, and video, to logistics, planning, transportation, and some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers.

Without additional support and acknowledgement of the supply chain, Aotearoa is in danger of losing its global position as a world leader in world-class events. Moreover, all of our incredible creatives and technicians could lose their livelihoods.

ETNZ have been collecting information on existing support in Aotearoa thus far. This information can be found here.



Behind every concert, show, festival, and event is a vast supply chain, encompassing manufacturing and distribution, production and design, stage crew and venue staff. This hidden industry brings live events to life, from grassroots gigs all the way up to the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup.

This industry creates millions of memories with millions of stories, stories that are told and retold to friends and families around the world.

New Zealand #WeMakeEventsNZ is committed to helping ensure this continues.


Stand as ONE alongside a growing collective of organisations, companies, and freelancers to get our industry’s voice heard.

Our next day of action is Wednesday 30th September 2020, in support of the Global Day of Action. 


  • Engage and educate the public
  • Engage and build awareness through Social Media
  • Engage and educate politicians


  • RESPECT PHYSICAL DISTANCING – No crowds, no illegal protests.
  • CONVEY A POSITIVE MESSAGE – We want to keep the public onside and gain support. This is not a protest.
  • Employ communication with authorities to obey numbers – use existing lines of contact with emergency services. It is important to maintain the respect we have already established with emergency services.

What we are asking:

We ask that buildings be turned red to highlight all those affected by the ongoing situation in our industry. If you are able to, please also project the #WeMakeEvents logo and videos onto your building or structure. All of these assets can be found in the NZ TOOLKIT HERE.


  • Light It In Red – venues, vendors, landmarks, monuments. Use laser projection & Gobo projection to show the #WeMakeEvents logo over the red. Don’t have a venue? Light up your empty trucks, your warehouses full of unused gear, outside your offices; show us how the pandemic has affected you.
  • Projections – Project images of a gig that took place inside the building, on the outside of the venue. Remind the public what they are missing now and risk losing.
  • Light shafts – Create shafts of light to represent numbers of people out of work (e.g. 20 Sharpys together to form one shaft) – each shaft of light can represent 1k/10k people. YOU MUST NOTIFY Civil Aviation minimum 5 days before aiming large beams of light at the sky.
  • Art Installation – Create works with flight cases, or a truss garden, or stacks of PA – representative of the quantity of people out of work.

It’s important not to be seen as ‘just roadies’ by pushing flight cases – aim to represent all the technical talents, plus caterers, marquees, infrastructure, venues, and drivers, etc.

When to light up:

This Global Day of Action will see our industry unite as never before, with buildings turning red on Wednesday, 30th September, 2020, from 8pm – 11pm (NZ).  Further buildings we be turned red throughout the world, 8pm-11pm in each time zone.

Thank You for Your Images from Around Aotearoa

Share Your Stories.

After lighting your building, or creating your image, we ask that you share your stories via your social media platforms. We understand that even more of our colleagues are now without work or financial support.  If you are unable to take part in Light It In Red, you can participate in other ways.

Tell Us Your Story – as a video or written message. Read more about this here.

Step Into The Light – photography brief.

WRITE to your MP – individual emails/letters referencing local people & businesses that are impacted.

Add the following hashtags to your posts across all your platforms:

#WeMakeEventsNZ #WeMakeEvents #LightItInRed #RedAlertRESTART #TheShowMustGoOn #RedAlert #SaveOurStages #StandAsONE #SupportNeeded

You can also add the new #WeMakeEvents logo to your social media profile.

We look forward to seeing your photos & videos from this Global Day of Action.

Register Your Action.

We want to keep track of all the places and ways you participate.

Please REGISTER YOUR EVENT HERE before the 30th.

The locations of New Zealand #WeMakeEventsNZ actions will be passed on to the #WeMakeEvents Global Team, who will be creating a world map of Global Day of Action as we Stand As ONE.

This form can also help us to connect people looking for a way to participate. Do you have some lights but no building to #LightItInRed? Do you have some great footage but need to edit it into something to share? We can put people in touch with each other through this form.