Supplier Discounts are only available to ETNZ Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze Members.

If you are an Affiliate or Coal member and wish to have access to these discounts, please contact us to review your membership tier.

Workplace Support Wellbeing Services - 3 Free Visits per year

Currently Available to All Membership Tiers - Coal through Platinum

Our assistance support program is now active, providing support in ensuring our mental wellbeing as we face these challenging times in the industry. ETNZ members now have access to professional counselling services that will help deal with any emotional, financial, family-related, or work-related challenges. Think of it as roadside assistance for your wellbeing. This service is currently free to all members* for up to three sessions per year, and like roadside assistance is available 24/7.

Access is simple: just call 0800 443 445, let them know that you are an ETNZ Member, and tell them your membership tier. We recommend you program this number into your phone, so it’s immediately ready should you need it, or if you need to pass it on to one of your colleagues who is also a member.

Reaching out and using the service is a strictly confidential and independent process. To help us monitor the effectiveness of the program, ETNZ will merely receive a number of the times the service is used.

As a society, we are notoriously poor at asking for help, and we have the dubious distinction of being the worst of all in this regard – highlighted by our historically higher rates of self-harm compared to other professions. We believe this initiative can provide some positive change.

The counselling support is very broad and comprehensive and provides the following 5 services :

1. Therapeutic Counselling

  • Work Issues – i.e. pressure or stress, resilience, workplace change/challenges, communication, & career development
  • Personal issues – i.e. family, relationship, health, goals, self-care, grief or loss

2. Financial mentoring

  • i.e. tackling debt, understanding Kiwisaver, setting financial goals, making a budget, saving and investing, plans for retirement

3. Career direction

  • i.e. work/life balance, career coaching and advice, options on moving upwards/sideways/externally or reducing hours, career training and advancement

4. Leadership coaching

  • i.e. considering options arising from workplace matters, work on individual and organisation goals, learning self-assessing/self-coaching methods, providing stretch and growth mindset development

5. Professional Supervision

  • an opportunity to improve work relationships, explore challenges and options, sharpen professional skills, plan self-care and wellness, etc.

All you need to do is call 0800 443 445, let them know that you are an ETNZ Member, and tell them your membership tier. You can then discuss what your needs are and what type of service is best for you.

*In the future this will only be available to ETNZ financial members: tiers Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Light House Cinema

$12.00, for any 2D session (Excludes public holidays, Opera, NT Live screenings, 3D, and other Special Screenings).

Light House Cinema is an independent, locally run, Wellington business.  Starting from small beginnings, we have steadily grown to become one of the capital’s favourite film going locations. We show a diverse range of applauded independent films and some brilliant blockbusters too. Unwind in our comfortable foyers with our great coffee, fresh food, boutique beers and fine wines. Then sit back and relax in our cosy cinemas as we show you the world.


Software License Discount

Purchase the software license for $99 USD rather than $125 USD. Contact for more information and how to receive the discount.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, Claude Heintz Design is making a temporary LXSeries Pro license available for free to anyone. The license can be installed in LXBeams or LXFree for Java (v2.3.5) and provides access to the full functions of LXSeries Pro during the current emergency. The emergency license will remain enabled through at least May of 2020. Click here for more information.

PB Tech

Discount on Purchases

ETNZ Financial Members will now have access to a discount online at PB Tech. Save on PB’s already low retail prices with our online membership key. Discounts can vary based on product category, but will typically range from 8% for items around $50, and around 2-3% for big ticket items like laptops etc. Discounts only apply to their standard retail price. Please contact us at if you represent a business with 50+ staff and are interested in a discount with PB Tech for any projects.

MusicWorks Pro Audio

Discount on Purchases

ETNZ Financial Members will now have access to 15% discount off Pro Audio Products distributed by MusicWorks. Save money on big-name brands such as Yamaha, Electro-Voice, Whirlwind, and Behringer. Discounts only apply to MusicWorks standard retail prices. Please note, if you already have a Trade Account with MusicWorks Wholesale, no further discount is available off Trade prices. All sales will be governed by MusicWorks standard Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available upon request.

Aspiring Safety

Discount on Purchases, Free Shipping, & Free Gear Inspections

Silver ETNZ member, Aspiring Safety, are now offering 10% off retail, and free shipping, as well as free inspections of all Aspiring supplied gear for its life! This excludes Locator beacons and Cave Overalls. Inspections are conducted on premises in Christchurch. Gear to be inspected will need to be sent in and only return shipping will be charged at cost. Onsite inspections can be discussed if Aspiring inspectors are planning to be in your vicinity.

Great Value Discounts for All

Thrifty Rentals

Blue Chip Discount

Its’ free for New Zealand and Australian residents to join and you’ll key into less paperwork, receive exclusive offers, and skip the queue.

  • Save 15% off our standard daily rate
  • Save $5 per day off either Stress Free or Reduced Risk Cover options

Click here for more information and to sign up.