Pilot Launch of NZ Certificate in Entertainment and Event Technology Level 4

ETNZ and Skills Active are excited to announce the pilot-launch of the New Zealand Certificate in Entertainment and Event Technology (Level 4).

This flagship qualification is also the basis of the industry’s newest apprenticeship programme. We’re excited to be partnering with Skills Active to roll it out to our highly-skilled industry professionals.  Having the Level 4 qualification in place gives our passionate professionals the opportunity to have their skills and experience recognised.

We are looking for approximately 10 people who wish to complete the Level 4 qualification, with a view that they will be open to becoming assessors in the near future. These candidates will  be the first to use the resource materials and be assessed at this level by our current assessors, so their feedback in this will be very valuable.
To support this Skills Active is waiving the enrolment cost of this qualification for this pilot group. This amounts to approximately $1500 + GST in enrolment fees. Successful candidates will still incur the assessment fees of around $10.00 + GST a credit although ETNZ would encourage financial ETNZ members to apply for a Selecon Scholarship to cover part of these costs. The exact assessment cost is to be negotiated between the candidate and assessor directly.
To enrol in this qualification please respond via email to Kathryn Osborne etnz.admin@gmail.com by the end of business Friday 14th December. Please include the two strands that you wish to become qualified in and a CV or cover letter stating why you think you should be selected (no more than a page).
ETNZ will use the following weighted criteria to prioritise the potential candidates:
  • Experience (10): Ideally, we would like to start with people who have a reasonable level of experience, as these people will be testing the robustness of the qualification and more likely to be the next cohort of assessors.
  • Location (5): It is desirable to cover a wide geographical range whilst also considering the population centres.
  • Financial ETNZ Member (10):  ETNZ has worked and lobbied hard to achieve this qualification and it would not have been possible without the time and financial contribution of its members.
  • Industry Influence (15): The key to the success of this qualification is to get industry support and this can be best achieved at the peer level.
  • Assessor Potential (15): We need to develop a strong and diverse (both with disciplines and geographically) base of assessors in order to both service the qualification and give it the integrity we require.
  • Perceived Eligibility (5): Although in this intake we are favouring people who are likely to be ineligible for the Fees Free scheme as they are more likely to incur greater costs to obtain the qualification in the future, we also need to cover as many strands as possible.
The ETNZ Executive will then independently score each application based on the above weighted criteria  to provide an averaged score and then selection will be done from the top down for each strand.
This qualification is eligible under the Government’s fee’s free initiative for 2018 and 2019. To maximize the financial support available to our members we will prioritize applications from candidates that are not eligible for fees free, for the pilot starting in December 2018. Information on fee-free eligibility criteria can be found here.ETNZ and Skills Active are working together on a wider public launch of this qualification in the new year.