Industry Practitioner, Matt Mard, Sharing His Industry Experience

When I realised that I am working in the event industry for over three decades now, I decided that it is time to share my knowledge and expertise with the wider community. I started gaining interest sharing the knowledge as soon as people came to me, asking questions. I have never been shy contributing what I know; not because I feel it is the best or the only way, but because partaking often triggers people to think about what or how they do it and often leads to improvements. Reflecting on processes and learning from others is mostly the way I learned and I am thankful to all those technicians and mentors who taught me what I know today. My work as an assessor amplified my wish to be able to help and support the events industry.

Always been a technician at heart (I came to New Zealand as an established moving light operator and lighting designer) I worked for many years as lighting technician in my new home. I brought a strong foundation over from Europe and expanded further through many great opportunities here in Aotearoa.

I have been working for the last seven years as Head of Production & Operations in one of New Zealand’s busiest heritage theatres, the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch. Since the beginning I have endeavoured to provide an excellent customer experience and have created a working environment that has since been adopted by some of the other main theatres in New Zealand. I constantly strive to improve the work conditions and the emphasis on a high standard of maintenance of the building, H&S and theatre operations. My work place has gained widespread recognition for being well organized, safe and run with utmost diligence to detail. Since we opened in 2014 we have won several awards.

Today I am offering solutions, help and advise as a theatre specialist. I want to share my experience and provide ideas for some of your problems. I am happy to help and only a phone call away.

Matt Mard
+64 (0)21 745 799