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Session 1A

Student led Q&A for employers on entering the industry

Calling all students and newbies. We are assembling a panel of employers from across the industry so you can Ask Us Anything, and tell us what you are looking for in your first full time roles in the industry. Session facilitated by Alex Fisher from  Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School.

Panelists include

Session 1B

Firearms Act Updates and how it impacts on production

An Update on the recent changes to the Firearms Act, and the impact of these changes on production. We are assembling a panel of licensed armourers and a NZ Police representative to hear directly from the horse's mouth.

Panelists include

Session 1c

Case Study : Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre

In the ongoing tradition of our venue focused topic, hear about the journey to the reopening of SHMPAC. Key learnings from the tech lead for the venue.

Panelists include

          • Kevin Greene -  Venue Head Technician
          • Phil Conroy - Theatre Consultant

Session 2a

Insights into employing apprentices and the value of in house training schemes

Hear about the experiences of apprenticeship and in house Teen Tech training systems.

Panelists include

session 2b

LX Choosing the tools for your design : older tools vs newer tools, and everything inbetween

A discussion with a panel of lighting designers about when and where they use different equipment, and what informs their choices.

Panelist include

session 2c

Intro to freelancing - Contractor admin and how to. Tax, Insurance and industry advice

Another great session for newbies. The all important nitty gritty on staying protected and getting paid.

Panelists include

session 3a

Launch of ETNZ Wellbeing Handbook

session 3b

Case Study : Te Pae and Tākina Convention Centres

A panel discussion on the building , launching and running of Te Papa and Te Pae conference venues.

Interesting aspects and learning from the Technician side of things, what went well, what didn’t etc.

Panelists include

Session 3C

Why did that circuit breaker trip?

If you have ever had an RCD/RCBO trip on a show and not been able to completely understand why, then this talk is for you. It explores the problems that occur with nuisance tripping of MCBs and RCDs on shows due to the way they interact with SwitchMode power supplies - and how to resolve them.

Presented by Richie Mickan - LSC Control Systems

This session uses the Kahoot quiz app. It helps if attendees have the free Kahoot app installed on their devices (but it is not mandatory)

session 4a

To be announced...

session 4B

Dante / AVB digital standards update

Get an update on the continuing implementation and pros and cons of these two audio standards. Gain some insights from industry practitioner Kevin Greene on the challenges of implementing of Dante in a new venue design.

*Time swapped, was previously Session 7A

session 4c

Bystander intervention

Learn more about how we each can be a part of addressing inappropriate and harmful behaviour in work environments.

This interactive session on bystander intervention will focus on a range of workplace behaviours including sexual harassment and bullying. Some of the discussion will be about the things that make it hard for us to speak up and what organisations can do to make it more possible. Interaction is optional and role plays are done by the facilitators.

This session is an excerpt from the Equity Safer Stages and Professional Respect workshops being run by Screensafe and SoundCheck Aotearoa.

Session presented by Rachel Harrison and Melanie Calvesbert.

Session 5a

Working with Intimacy & Combat Coordinators

How to incorporate the needs of specialists such as intimacy coaches or fight coordinators into the production schedule; including the engagement of the technical team.

Panelists include

session 5b

Using the ETNZ rigging guide and ICOPER

Demonstration on the development of a rigging design with reference to the ETNZ Rigging Guide and ICPOER including: load assessment and calculation, consideration of design redundancy/risk assessment, production of rigging hanging plot, and gear selection.

Panelists include

session 5c

Qualifications review 

Part 1 - Join us in discussions around the level 3 & 4 E&E qualifications. This panel will be run by ETNZ with Toi Mai and Te Mahi Ako represented, a good place to get real time industry feedback.

session 6a

NDAs, Contractor agreements and their use

Concern has been raised over the increased use of NDAs , and sometimes pressure to sign them without time to consider. Join us for a discussion on their use, and what to be aware of when signing them.

Panelists include

          • Michael Stephens   - Entertainment Lawyer

session 6b

Lighting control and workflow

A Discussion re visualisation tools now available pre production. Use as a focusing and programming tool. How this tech is changing we way we do things.

Panelists include

          • Abby Clearwater
          • Alex Fisher
          • William Yeung  - ETC

session 6c

Qualifications review 

Part 2 -Join us in discussions around the level 3 & 4 E&E qualifications. This panel will be run by ETNZ with Toi Mai and Te Mahi Ako represented, a good place to get real time industry feedback.

session 7A

Immersive Audio

Hear about developments in the live production environment with immersive audio and other global production audio trends from leading industry practitioner Chris Tate from College Hill. Interested in doing a concert on an aircraft? This session is for you!

*Time swapped, was previously Session 4B

session 7b

Unfortunately this session is cancelled

Projection - Adapting a traveling show to different venues

Simon Barker of Lotech Media was head of projection on the Opera's Macbeth last year. Very projection heavy, but went throughout the motu from the biggest to the smallest venue. Learnings from having to adjust the show to the varying size and shape of venues. What worked, what didn't?

Session 7c

Debrief from the FIFA Ceremonies

By the time conference arrives, the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup will be complete. Come a listen to a debrief from our colleagues working on the show.

Panelists include

session 8a

ETNZ Green guide for sustainability

What do you want to see in a sustainability resource? Do you want to be involved?

ETNZ are interested is backing the development of a sustainability guide for the New Zealand environment. This is a call for assistance to the membership for that work.

Panelists include

session 8b

Interaction of industrial & theatrical rigging

With the loads theatre in getting heavier the differences between the fields is lessening.

Panelists include

session 8c

Risk Assessment : "Beyond the Matrix”

Presented by Cathy Knowsley. This session will explore why identifying hazards and assessing the risks is just the tip of the iceberg for meeting your risk management duties. You will be taken on a journey of discovery into the world of effective risk mitigation planning and onsite risk management application, as Cathy challenges “we’ve always done it this way” head on.

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