2020 Nominations for Life Membership and Industry Achievement Awards

The ETNZ Annual General Meeting is coming up in July this year. Have you thought about anyone you’d like to nominate for ETNZ Life Membership, or an Industry Achievement Award? The Application Process and Nomination Form can be found year-round on our Resources page, but here’s how it works:


The purpose of the Life Membership and Industry Achievement Awards is to recognise individuals and companies who have made significant contributions to the entertainment industry within New Zealand and/or abroad.

Nominations will be assessed by the Executive Committee and the awards will be announced at the Annual General Meeting. The award winner is presented with a certificate and has their names published on the website. The number of awards presented each year is at the discretion of the current Executive Committee.

Key differences

Life Membership Awards are reserved for persons who have rendered outstanding service to ETNZ as an association; whereas the Industry Achievement Award is to celebrate persons who have rendered outstanding service in the field of Entertainment Technology.

Criteria for Life Membership

Life members are defined in our constitution as persons who have rendered outstanding service to ETNZ.

A life member must be a financial member of ETNZ.

The nomination for this award should be based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Serving on the Executive Committee over three or more terms;
  • Serving on sub-committees to advance the published ETNZ goals; for example:
    • Health and Safety
    • Training and Education
  • Supporting and advancing the interests of ETNZ over an extended period of time.
Criteria for Industry Achievement Awards

The ETNZ Executive may from time to time select members of ETNZ, or persons of distinction, who have provided valuable and significant contribution to the NZ Entertainment Industry to receive an Industry Achievement Award.

Nominations for the Industry Achievement Award will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The person or organisation is, or has been, an outstanding leader in the field of entertainment technology;
  • The person or organisation has developed a product or procedure that has become nationally or internationally recognised;
  • The person or organisation has provided outstanding service to the Entertainment Industry (generally greater than fifteen years);
  • The person or organisation has provided outstanding support in educating and training new industry technicians;
  • The person is not a current sitting member of the executive committee.
Procedure for nomination

To nominate a person for Life Membership or the Industry Achievement Award, the nominator needs to be a financial member of ETNZ and is not able to nominate themselves.

The nomination must be on the official nomination form which asks for the following information:

  • Why the nominee feels that the person should be given the award/life membership;
  • Supporting information:
    • Work history;
    • Professional development and industry qualifications;
    • Activities in the Entertainment Industry;
    • Other professional activities;
    • Membership and participation in other community and civic organisations;
    • Any honours, publications, or speaking engagements that enhance their contribution the entertainment technology industry.
The decision process

Once the nomination is received it is checked for validity and the detail is fact-checked before the nomination is put to the vote of the Executive Committee. The nomination is decided upon a majority vote.

Download the 2020 Nomination Form below, complete it, and email it to etnz.admin@gmail.com by the 28th June, 2020.